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Personalised Sticky Labels

Personalised Sticky Labels

Print Your Own Sticky Labels

from ₹ 2,668.00

Personalised sticky labels add that professional finishing touch to your brand. Whether you need custom sticky labels for clothing or personalised thank you stickers for an event, click start design & begin sticky label printing today. We print your self adhesive stickers onto a full 700x500mm sheet for you to cut out at home.

  • Ready in 2 - 3 day(s)

  • Delivery: ₹ 760

  • Made in UK

Sticky Label Printing Features

  • Personalised satin self adhesive labels
  • Sold as 700x500mm sheet for you to cut
  • Add your label design & tile the pattern in the design tool
  • Perfect for branding, events, crafts
  • Made and printed to order in our studio

Your personalised self adhesive fabric labels are a unique and stylish way to customise upholstery and clothing.

It comes in single self adhesive fabric sheets 700x500mm, and within that space you can have as many or as few custom sticky labels as you like. Great for designers and craft makers alike, these are used for presentation and they last easily more than 10 years in position. The strong sticky back fabric adhesive will keep them in place (non-fray) and make your creations ready for sale. Made from a smooth satin fabric, they're a beautiful finishing touch.
  • Single sheet printed with as many labels as you like
  • Ready for you to cut out at home
  • Made from a gorgeous smooth satin
  • Strong sticky back fabric adhesive
  • Use for upholstery, clothing garments, events, name labels
  • Full colour print using dye sublimation
  • Custom printed to order in our studio

How to Design Your Adhesive Labels

1. Upload 1 label design & select tile effect
If all of your labels are to be the same size, use this process

2. Or upload 1 label design, resize, add another, repeat
If you need different size labels, follow this process

3. Adjust the sizing, add filters etc to suit your needs

4. Preview the design to check you're happy with labels
If you're worried about errors when cutting out, leave space between each label

Care Instructions for Personalised Sticker Labels

Because your labels are self adhesive fabric, we do not recommend washing these labels in a washing machine. If they need to be cleaned, simply use a sponge.

How and Where to Use Your Custom Printed Labels

If you're a creative student with a blog, website or cause you want to promote, design your own printed sticky labels to spread the word. Attach to your bag or event t-shirt and enhance your branding efforts. 

These are great self adhesive stickers for upholstery. If you make and sell your own furniture, add a label underneath the chair seat or on the back of a chest of drawers. They won't come off and it ensures future owners of your work will know who made it. 

Give your clothing line that extra bit of professionalism with personalised sticky labels. Because you can add each label to the sheet one-by-one, you can add different labels stating all the sizes you have to offer. Or alternatively, if your label is just to be used to display your logo, you can add one label and then select the tile effect to repeat the label all over the sheet. 

Personalised Sticky Labels For Crafts

We find that these woven personalised adhesive labels are great for finishing, sewing, patching coverings and all sorts of fiddly applications where you need a practical solution. Best of all they are printed so you can colour match, blend and camouflage details or production. As they're made from satin you can position them and stitch them in for ultra secure fixing.

Planning And Cutting Your Labels

Because this versatile product can be used for your custom sizing, it means you can size and cut them out according to your needs. One way to do this is to add a light stroke around the label in a design program offline, or add small dots in each corner before you upload the artwork. Then upload the art and make it the right size using the drag corner feature, and check the dimensions in cm or mm. Centre the label on the sheet, and press the 'basic' pattern repeat providing you straight lines of labels across the sheet. The result in your preview will be all your labels in lines so nice and easy for cutting. When happy approve and proceed. On receipt of the printed sheet, use scalpel or trimming blade, or decent pair of scissors to cut the individual labels out.

If you have different sizes and you want to incorporate sets of different sizes on your sheet, this is harder and more fiddly but can be done. Add the label graphic as many times as you need and then size them individually. On receipt of the printed sheet, use a decent pair of scissors to cut each label out.

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