Design Your Own T-Shirt

Design Your Own T-Shirt

Make Your Own T-Shirt

from ₹ 2,775.00

A t-shirt is a fashion essential, but, let's face it, they can sometimes be pretty basic. So, why not be original and make your own t-shirt? When you design your own t-shirt, you have the ability to make your top look however you want. We print your photos, designs or text onto luxuriously soft fabric, going deep into the fibres to create a stunning, vibrant print. Your photos are printed edge to edge, so your whole t-shirt is covered in your very own customised designs. You can even add your very own personalised label. Take your fashion into your own hands!

  • Ready in 2 - 3 day(s)

  • Delivery: ₹ 760

  • Made in UK


  • 1 ₹ 2,775.00
  • 2 ₹ 2,578.00 Each (Save ₹ 394.00)
  • 5 ₹ 2,338.00 Each (Save ₹ 2,185.00)
  • 10 ₹ 2,225.00 Each (Save ₹ 5,500.00)

Make Your Own T-Shirt Easily Online

  • Unisex: men's & women's t-shirt
  • Customise t-shirt with text, photos and designs
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Add your own personalised label
  • Luxurious fabric with a permanent print
  • Guaranteed for 3 years

Give your style a more personal finish and design your own t-shirt.

Our fun and funky t-shirts give you the ability to print anything from photos, to text, to original designs all over the front and back of the top. We print deep into the fibres of the gorgeously soft t-shirt fabric, creating a permanent print that won't fade or rub off. Your favourite photos will look amazing printed on your very own custom made t-shirt. Available in several sizes, ranging from XS to 2XL, when you make own t-shirt, you can design one for you and every member of your family. Our unique design system also allows you to design a personalised label - which truly takes the customisation to the next level.
  • Print photos, designs and text
  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Printed and hand finished in-house
  • Stylish and unique
  • Design your own label
  • Permanent, vibrant print
  • Edge to edge print
  • Wash at 30 degrees Celsius 
  • Tumble dryer safe
  • 3 year guarantee on print, material and stitching finish

Care instruction

Delicate or cold wash. Do not tumble. Cool iron only. Hang dry. To preserve the life of your garment and the environment we recommend cool short washes.

  • Delicate Wash
  • Do Not Tumble
  • Low Heat
  • Hang Dry

Care: Wash at 30 degrees. Tumble dryer safe. Refer to the care label on the t-shirt for further instructions. When you design your own t-shirt, we advise turning it inside out when washing to avoid abrasion during the cycle. Dry flat or online to drip dry and shape whilst damp. 

When You Design Your Own T-Shirt, What Will It Look Like?

A cool and stylish fashion essential, that you will want to wear every day. When you design your own t-shirt, you are the designer, and you can print anything you want. Our skilled technicians take your final designs and print them edge to edge, all over the front and back of your t-shirt, creating a stunning finish. Forget novelty tees where the designs rub off or fade over time, this handmade piece is created to show off your photos permanently. With ink pressed deep into the fibres, this is a piece of clothing that is made to last. Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL, this t-shirt should suit most sizes and shapes. You also have the unique ability to create your own customised label. 

Please note: It is mandatory to have a composition label attached to the t-shirt. However, if you would prefer not to have them on your finished t-shirt, they can be easily cut off. 

Do You Have Any Design Tips Or Ideas?

Make your own t-shirt with your favourite family photos. These make wonderful gift ideas that will be treasured for a life time. If you want to use several photos, then why not create a montage? This is so easy (not to mention fun) to do using our design system. Simply upload as many photos as you want and select the "Create Montage" option. You will then be able to choose from several different photo montage style options. Follow the on-screen instructions and enjoy creating a t-shirt made with your memories. 

We do not recommend trying to have certain parts of your image line up exactly with hems, seams or cuffs of the t-shirt. The registration in the printing process is not quite that accurate, and we therefore cannot guarantee 100% accuracy due to the way textile stretches and moves in the printing process. You can get in touch with our friendly customer service team and ask for our PDF templates if required. We also suggest that the bleed area is not filled, in order to avoid white lines on the edge of your design. Please note the product preview is an approximation of how your order will look and finished items may vary from print to print. If you need any advice or assistance with your design then please do get in touch. 

Would You Like To Design Your Own T-Shirt ?

Of course you would! If you love fashion and enjoy standing out from the crowd, then you need to design your own t-shirt. Whether you choose to upload photos of your nearest and dearest, or original designs created by you, this t-shirt is a must-have. For pet lovers, why not upload a photo of your furry friend? We will print their photo all over the front and back of your t-shirt, allowing you to show off your adored pooch. If you are in a band, then get creative and design your very own band t-shirts. You can wear them at gigs and maybe even sell them to your fans. If you are a designer, then make sure you take the time to create your very own personalised label. This is just a small extra cost, that will push your t-shirt design to the next level. 

Quantity Discount

When you buy more than one t-shirt, you save money! Take advantage of our generous quantity discount offer and treat yourself and friends and family to unique pieces of fabulous fashion. 

Check your body measurements here.
How to measure
XS 86 - 91 cm
34 - 36 "
S 91 - 96 cm
36 - 38 "
M 96 - 101 cm
38 - 40 "
L 101 - 106 cm
40 - 42 "
XL 106 - 111 cm
42 - 44 "
2XL 111 - 119 cm
44 - 47 "

We advise against trying to register design elements from the front to the back, such as horizontal stripes. We will try to align any obviously continuing parts of your design, but cannot guarantee 100% registration.

The colour and finish of our all over t-shirts are exceptional, we are sure you will be delighted with your order.

There are some limitations to our production method which are particularly apparent with designs containing solid colour. Some small white wrinkles can appear in the underarm area between the sleeve and the body of the t-shirt. This is to be expected to a small degree and whilst we will always try to produce your t-shirt without this unprinted wrinkle, it will sometimes be unavoidable.

With all over printing, there can be some fading where the collar meets the body of the t-shirt. This is only really apparent on dark/solid coloured designs. We will always try to reduce this but sometimes it is unavoidable.

Some areas of the t-shirt may have small folded sections (typically 5mm-10mm in size) where the ink has not penetrated the fabric. We try to avoid this but depending on your design it is sometimes impossible for them not to feature on the t-shirt.

Most of the expected flaws mentioned above appear in unnoticeable positions once the t-shirt is actually worn, under the arm for example. Only when performing spirited hi-5’s will they become visible.

We guarantee you will be so satisfied by the colour, saturation and detail that of your t-shirt, that any aforementioned flaws will hardly even notice. 3-year guarantee on print, material and stitching finish.

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