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Fabric Labels Sample Set

Fabric Labels Sample Set

Sample Our Fabric Labels

from ₹ 184.00

See a ready printed sample pack of labels before you order a larger custom run. See the various sizes we offer printed on woven satin label material. Font size tips, full colour print, and formats like loop fold or straight cut, will give you a good idea of how fabric labels for handmade items come out.

  • Ready in 2 - 3 day(s)

  • Delivery: ₹ 570

  • Made in UK

Sample Pack of our Fabric Labels

  • Ready printed full set of our labels
  • See full colour potential for your brand
  • See font advise, label fold and tips
  • Feel printed examples, see sizes
  • Permanent fixed colour, no ink fade, or run

Order your Fabric Label Sample Set and get a gift voucher to use on your next order of custom labels.* This includes fabric and non-fabric labels.

Offer exclusive to new customers only and can only be used once. Voucher expires after 30 days.
  • Includes tips on font size
  • Printed on woven satin
  • See full variety of sizes
  • Full colour printed samples
  • Shows loop fold and straight cut
  • Shows print colour options
  • Feel and see samples before ordering
  • New customers receive gift voucher

Sample Labels For Sewing Designers And Crafters

Try our samples of fabric labels so you can get the idea before ordering larger quantity for your handmade items. Other label offerings are expensive, with narrow choice, minimal colour options, and have high quantity requirements, but we help you test the idea of labels with minimal outlay. Our printed finished labels are not expensive, and start at 20 single labels, making it a cost effective way for you to try custom printed labels. If you prefer, then go straight for our short run fabric labels order system where you can design them in full colour, with text. Either way you get your labels in a few days. Our printed labels service is ideal for makers and sewing bees for professional look own brand labels. Launch a business with us with hardly any expense, starting with this handy sample set.


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